Above all else, we are a team of people oriented toward efficient production and daily learning.
We are committed to guaranteeing maximum reliability in all areas: the product, the process and the management.

Since our business was launched in 1975, we have endeavored to maintain a clear philosophy and orientation.
These are the 5 pillars that we believe have defined our business trajectory thus far:

Product specialization

As specialists, our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers and the end consumer.
We are convinced that quality inspires loyalty.

Market orientation

We must make what we sell, rather than sell what we make.
We are here to inform, communicate and advise; we are here to share.

Continued improvement

We constantly ask ourselves what we are doing and how we are doing it.
Our commitment to the latest technology and materials allows us a greater level of efficiency, and means that we are able to offer our customers a product of the highest quality at a competitive price.

We constantly ask ourselves what it is we are not doing and what we could do.
Below are some of our most important contributions to the sector:

1975: The first rubbish bags available in rolls
1977: The first perfumed rubbish bags
1989: The first easy-to-close, rolled rubbish bags
1991: The first multi-layer rubbish bags (coextrusion)
1994: The first compact roll
1997: The first biodegradable rubbish bag
1998: The new 2-roll sales format (duplo)
1999: The easy-to-close 4-handle system and the first rubbish bags with anti-bacterial protection
2003: New packaging in polyethylene sleeves
2006: New 10 and 50 litre special format rubbish bags
2008: New 50x75cm rubbish bags for larger bins
2009: Odour absorbing rubbish bags with zips and grip seal
2012: Quick release flap (patented model)
2013: "Para Todo" (all purpose) bags, the first product on the market for small 5/7 liter bins
2020: 100% Compostable bags with drawstring
2022: Roll of bags with SpeedRoll system, separated and rolled up one by one.
Social role

We are committed to our workers, to our providers, to our social setting, and to the environment. We play a part in the socio-economic and environmental playing fields and wish to act responsibly in both.

We have the Quality and Environment Policy available to interested parties. It can be applied through the contact form.

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